Titanium thumbtacks for control of presacral hemorrhage

“Overwhelming, life-threatening sacral bleeding is nearly always stopped with the use of sterile thumbtacks.”1

Shackelford’s Surgery of the Alimentary Tract

“Sterile titanium thumbtacks should be available in all operating rooms where rectal surgery is performed.”4

Abe Fingerhut, MD
Presacral bleeding during pelvic surgery can be difficult to control by conventional methods and may result in massive hemorrhage and death. The HEMORRHAGE OCCLUDER PIN is a simple, well documented solution to this problem.
  • Designed to control severe sacral bleeding during pelvic surgery
  • To be used when clamping, suturing and cauterization are ineffective
  • Easily and effectively used when time is critical
  • 10 mm diameter head
  • Serrated 7 mm shaft to prevent withdrawal and migration
  • Made of medical grade titanium
  • Available with or without APPLICATOR

Hemorrhage Occluder Pin for control of presacral bleeding video animation

  • Hemorrhage Occluder Pin
  • Catalog No. HOP-03
  • Supplied sterile
  • 5 units per box
  • Hemorrhage Occluder Pin with Applicator
  • Catalog No. HOP-AP
  • Supplied sterile
  • 2 units per box


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